Communicating Fashion, Trend Research and Forecasting

Goal for this project is to complete a book and develop a course with two other authors, Dr. Gozde Goncu Berk from the University of Istanbul and Dr. Kelly Gage from Saint Catherine University. Together we will pilot a hybrid online / offline course at our three universities.
Book proposal, Communicating Fashion, Trend Research and Forecasting, is under review at Bloomsbury Publishers. This book and subsequent course offering will analyze the process of trend research, forecasting and design communication in conjunction with a regularly updated online portal that links the analytical concepts in the book to current visual examples and applications. This undergraduate textbook at the Sophomore/Junior level will cover multiple areas of aesthetic analysis, trend analysis and research methods, forecasting of trends, and communicating that information in professional arenas. Content will include working through a research process of interviews with target markets, scan of the marketplace and products, analysis and synthesis of data that will allow development and culmination in a final trend forecasting project.
The proposed book and course offering will portray the global picture and discuss how to discover and read mega trends and their effect on short term trends by examining the consumer, fashion products and the industry. Approaching the process of how trends emerge and diffuse in the fashion industry at a global level, the book will apply the content internationally by featuring case studies and interviews by invited scholars and professionals from other countries such as China, India, Turkey and Brazil. Reaching students globally with an international thrust in product applications is an objective for students majoring in design.

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