Contemporary Music Workshop Initiative

With the resignation of my colleague James Dillon from the University of Minnesota this past summer, I was asked to serve as Interim Director of the School of Music Contemporary Music Workshop (CMW). This ensemble/workshop is devoted to the study and performance of challenging contemporary music that continues to expand and transform the classical repertory. We have a very limited budget from the School of Music ($450 annually). The Imagine Grant would allow CMW to take on a major initiative this spring, a residency by the Israeli Composer Chaya Czernowin, currently chair of the composition program at Harvard University. This would include performances and a master class. The graduate student members of CMW who initiated this initiative have secured $1000 from the Office of Student Activities. The costs involved are $3000. An Imagine Grant would fund the remaining $2000, plus allow funding for another significant initiative by CMW. For the second initiative, I propose a three-day residency by the Jack String Quartet. This ensemble is among the finest string quartets in America devoted to the performance of new music. A residency would include a concert of new music, a concert of music by student composers, as well as a master class on the performance of new music for string quartet. The cost of the residency is $10,000 plus hotel and traveling expenses. If complementary funding is not available (I will try Special Events Funding), we would use the remaining funds for a less ambitious residency involving members of Dal Niente, a Chicago-based new music ensemble as well a funds for scores/parts for a spring concert of CMW.

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