Creative Work: New Territory

I am requesting funding towards the cost in creating a new body of large-scale oil paintings and in assisting with the transportation costs involved in delivering the works to The Butcher's Daughter Gallery in New York City for a solo exhibition in autumn 2016 or early 2017.

In my painting practice, I work with presumed dichotomies in painting, such as: formalism versus narrative, illusion versus actual space, and abstraction versus representation. In each painting, my goal is to find an original pictorial solution which is influenced both by contemporary painting practices in the United States and Europe and by my own personal experiences.

There are unique spatial possibilities that arise with paintings on a larger scale. Using expressive color, forms can appear on a large canvas at one moment representative, and at another moment, abstract. The role of the viewer becomes different with larger canvasses, as well. Similar to the experience one has with large abstract expressionist paintings of the postwar period, one is "stepping into" the scenery, looking at small sections of a painting instead of at the entire composition. My new paintings explore this "new territory" of illusionist and actual space further and investigate the role of painted color as an agent of spatial experience.

I plan to present the finished paintings in a solo exhibition with my gallery that recently relocated to New York City from Detroit. A solo exhibition with this gallery is of high priority for me because it would provide a broadened visibility of my paintings to a professional and international audience.

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