Critical Edition of Herbort von Fritzlâr's Leit von Troye (Song of Troy)

My project entails gathering digital images of all of the 4 extant manuscripts of Herbort von Fritzlâr's Leit von Troye (Song of Troy) to prepare a critical edition and translation. The work has never been translated into modern German or English. The text was central to the literary production of Hermann II of Thuringia and is little studied because there currently is no critical edition. With the material that I gather, I would like to produce a German translation and English translation of the work as well as the first Middle High German edition to evaluate the material in the 3 fragments.

There is only one Middle High German transcription of the only complete manuscript (Heidelberg, Universitätsbibl., Cpg 368 – called Manuscript H): G Karl Frommann, Herbort von Fritzlar: Liet von Troye, (Quedlinburg: G. Basse, 1837). This is simply a transcription of manuscripted H and in that is quite careless at times. There are three other manuscript fragments that Frommann does not evaluate for his transcription: Berlin, Staatsbibl., mgf 902 – called Manuscript B., Krumau / Český Krumlov, Zweigstelle des Staatl. Regionalarchivs Trebon / Wittingau, ohne Sign. – called Manuscript K, and the fragment at Skokloster (Schweden), Schloßbibl., Cod. PB munk 4 – called Manuscript S. Excepting for the Czech fragment, there is no suitable reproduction of these fragments.

My trip would entail a visit to the library in Berlin and Heidelberg to make the digital images. (I will apply for separate grants to visit Skokloster (Stockholm) and Krumau..

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