Magnificat: CD recording of large brass ensemble music by the Summit Hill Brass Quintet

The Summit Hill Brass Quintet of which I am the leader, is in the middle of a digital CD recording project of 13 brass ensemble works which I have transcribed over a period of thirty-five years.
Since I received the 2014-15 Imagine Fund Grant, I have discovered a number of unanticipated expenses and so am applying for this years award.
To assure the highest quality of recorded sound, I have been advised to have the edited recording "mastered", which will cost between $800.00 and $1000.00.
I will need to rent a set of profession timpani for two of the pieces for $175.00.
Since I have never used the overdubbing technique in recording, I grossly underestimated the amount of time required to make this work. Thus, the major additional expense is because of several more recording sessions and a large number of additional editing sessions.
I am convinced that the uniqueness of this project will be well worth the additional expense. This is monumental music from the Renaissance not heard on modern brass instruments until now. While there are recordings of the antiphonal music of Giovanni Gabrieli available, none have been done with this technique to my knowledge and none of the other 12 pieces in our repertoire has been recorded.

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