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The Miller House: A Model for Collaborative Design

This proposal seeks support for archival/field research and materials acquisition for writing a definitive 'monograph' on the Miller House in Columbus, IN (1953-57), a building that represents one of the most extraordinary collaborations ever assembled for the design of a Modern dwelling. Due to the private nature of J. Irwin and Xenia Miller (the clients), the Miller House has been surprisingly underrepresented in both popular and academic publications; surprising given the extraordinary reputations of the main collaborators: Eero Saarinen & Kevin Roche (architects); Alexander Girard (interior); Daniel Kiley (landscape); and Balthazar Korab, Ezra Stoller, Alan Ward (photographers); with J. Irwin and Xenia Miller.

Specifically, the proposal seeks funding to offset travel to access the House (recently opened to the public) and the respective archives housing key material by the collaborators on the project. The manuscript will build upon research assembled while writing my book on Balthazar Korab, who photographed the house for nearly forty years (Balthazar Korab: Architect of Photography, Princeton Architectural Press, 2012). With its recent public opening, the Miller House has become the subject of renewed attention by scholars, design journals, and the popular press alike, making a more thorough study and in-depth analysis on the subject increasingly relevant and imperative. Therefore, this project seeks to contribute new scholarship on the unique design processes and collaborative practices that produced the Miller House, and provide a critical resource for students, practitioners, and historians of architecture, as well as general readers who are increasingly interested in mid-century Modern design.

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