Upgrade Existing Technology in the University of Minnesota Trombone Studio

I have effectively integrated technology into my applied teaching since before joining the UM faculty in 1990. Starting with an Atari computer and progressing to my current aging laptop computer, I have attempted to stay current with trends in music technology. While my teaching studio is equipped with appropriate microphones and a digital audio interface, my students would benefit greatly from upgrades in the following areas:

1. Laptop Computer: I rely on digital audio and video in my daily teaching of undergraduate and graduate students. The real-time audio and visual feedback has a profound effect on my students' assimilation of techniques and concepts. As many graduate schools, employers and music festival require digital video recording of applicants' performances, my present computer lacks the features (speed, storage, etc.) found in the new MacBook Pro laptops.

2. Panasonic HC-V750 Full HD Camcorder: This camcorder would interface well with the Mac laptop and provide as appropriate level of video recording. I currently use my smart phone to record video, which is far from ideal.

3. Apple Final Cut Express 4 digital video editing software: This software would allow me and my students to edit and produce professional-quality videos.

4. Apple Logic Pro X digital audio recording/editing software: This is widely regarding as the finest digital audio software for Mac computers.

5. Samsung UHD HU6950 Series Smart TV: This flat-screen TV would serve as an excellent HD monitor for use in the studio.

I would also be able to offer online master classes, clinics and individual lessons to public schools, universities and prospective UM students via UMCONNECT, which is based on Adobe's powerful and flexible CONNECT software.

Key Dates


AHD Chair Position: Application now open


Annual Faculty Award: Application period begins


Special Events: Round 1 Application Period Begins