Annual Faculty Research Grants

The Annual Faculty Research Grants support innovative research in the arts, design, and humanities.

Annual Faculty Research Grant programs will be administered directly through participating arts, humanities and design colleges and campuses. Collegiate and Campus information is available below.


Grants must be awarded to tenured or tenure-track faculty or faculty holding full-time (100%) salaried continuous or fixed-term appointments who are annually evaluated like tenured and tenure-track faculty (i.e., with substantially similar expectations for research accomplishments, independence, and ability to secure external funding) at the University of Minnesota (system-wide).

*Note that eligibility does not include: visiting faculty, students pursuing a Ph.D., non-salaried faculty appointment type W (yearly Medical School, usually without salary) or employees with T appointments (temporary) or A appointments (adjunct from outside the University).

Only one funded grant per individual is permitted per grant cycle. Exceptions could include a faculty member as part of a group of faculty applying for funds for a collaborative project.

Fund Use

Proposed use for awarded funds must relate to the areas of the arts, humanities, or design.

Grants may be used to support:

  • Research needs (e.g. research assistants)
  • Teaching materials
  • Books, materials for creative works, or equipment (subject to limitations).
  • Travel to support research and scholarship. 
  • To supplement or leverage external funding.
  • New or existing projects

Grants may not be used to support:

  • The purchase of computers, or the purchase of any equipment available for loan from the University.
  • Supplementing salary or course buyouts.
  • Attendance at conferences or meetings if not presenting research. Any travel that does not involve research. 

Funding Timeline

  • Faculty Research Grant recipients must spend their grant within a three-year period beginning July of the year they are awarded. For example, if a faculty member were awarded an Imagine Faculty Research Grant in the 2021-2022 Academic Year award cycle, they will receive funds July 2022 and must expend this grant by June 30, 2025.

Key Dates

Special Events

Application deadline: October 17, 2022 at noon and January 30, 2023 at noon

Faculty Research Grants

College/Campus specific timelines

AHD Chair Award

Applications are due Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 12:00 noon