Special Events Grants

The Special Events Grant Program seeks to support new and ongoing activities across the University of Minnesota system that promote profound understanding of the human condition, excellence, innovation, collaboration, interdisciplinary dialogue, and greater public engagement with the University.

Special Events Grants are highly competitive and must relate to the areas of the arts, humanities, or design. Awards rarely will be granted for traditional academic symposia or conferences—these types of events must be innovative and include a significant public engagement component. It is recommended, but not required, that applicants seek collaboration and co-sponsors through the IAS or other centers and colleges.

Special Events Grants will be administered by the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS), a systemwide institute for advancing interdisciplinary collaborations, including the arts, humanities, and design.


Applicants for Imagine Fund Special Events grants must be tenured or tenure-track faculty, 
faculty holding full-time (100%) salaried continuous fixed-term appointments, or Academic 
Professional staff in the University of Minnesota system-wide.

Note that eligibility does not include: visiting faculty, students pursuing a Ph.D. (unless they also 
meet the above criteria), non-salaried faculty appointment type W [without salary] or employees 
with T [financial] appointments or A [clerical] appointments.

Attention will be paid to ensure a representative proportion of non-tenured/tenure-track faculty 
applicants receive these awards. Faculty may apply collectively for the special event awards, but 
a faculty member may be listed on only one application.

Information about Special Event Grant proposals can be found here:
General information about Special Event Grants (past recipients, etc) can be found here:

For more information, contact [email protected]. Please put "Imagine Fund Special Events" in the subject line of your email."

Key Dates

Special Events

Application due dates: Fall Round-September 25, 2023 at noon and Spring Round- January 29, 2024 at noon

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College/Campus specific timelines

AHD Chair Award

Applications are due January 29th, 2024 at noon