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Imagine Fund FAQ

Information about the Imagine Fund Grant Program for the current 2021-22 academic year will be forthcoming. Please check the website for updates.

Who is eligible to apply for an Imagine Fund Annual Faculty Award or a Special Events Grant?

All tenured/tenure-track arts, humanities, and design faculty across the University of Minnesota system are eligible. Also eligible are tenured/tenure-track faculty whose research directions place them squarely within the arts and humanities or design. Faculty in arts, humanities, or design who hold full-time (100%) salaried continuous or fixed-term appointments may apply provided they are annually evaluated like tenured and tenure-track faculty (i.e., with substantially similar expectations for research accomplishments, independence, and ability to secure external funding).

Note that eligibility does not include: visiting faculty, those pursuing a Ph.D., those with non-salaried faculty appointment type W (e.g., yearly Medical School, usually without salary), or employees with T appointments (temporary) or A appointments (adjust from outside the University).

How may annual award funds be used?

The award may be used for research needs, books, supplies, or travel expenses not otherwise supported by University of Minnesota or external funds. The award may not be used to supplement salary, nor may it be used for course buyouts. The awards should be spent within a three-year period.

Are there restrictions on how annual Imagine Fund awards may be used?

Yes. It may not be used as salary or used towards course release, used to purchase computers, used to buy equipment already available for loan from the University, or used to support the editorial work of a journal.

How are award decisions made?

A committee of arts, humanities, and design faculty (the Imagine Fund Advisory Committee) will review the applications and make recommendations to the provost.

The committee will adhere to the following conflict-of-interest guidelines:

No committee member shall participate in any phase of the discussion or decision-making process for applications or proposals that they have submitted or for which they are co-investigators or would receive a direct financial benefit. In addition, a committee member will recuse themselves from discussion or decision making for any proposals or applications they believe represents a conflict of interest.

Can the annual award be banked?

Yes, but the award should be spent within three years.

Can faculty hold multiple awards (e.g. annual award and special events grant)?


Additional questions?

Please direct them to:

Erin Slattengren, Provost office

Diane Willow, Committee Chair

Key Dates

Updated information about the Imagine Fund Grant program for the 2021-22 academic year will be posted in October 2021.
Please check the website for information in the coming months.